Delivery and collection policy

  1. Furniture is delivered to the customer’s home via a courier service to the front door only (on the ground floor). The delivery fee is determined in relation to the delivery distance from our depot to the delivery address. A single delivery fee will be charged regardless of the number of items purchased in one transaction, subject to the maximum delivery space available within the delivery vehicle.
  2. The customer must ensure that the furniture item/s will fit through entrances, doorways, lifts and stairwells and that these routes are clear of obstructions for delivery. We do not hoist goods onto balconies or delivery items up floors. (Furniture measurements are available online).
  3. The courier will only deliver to the specified delivery address (as per the order documentation delivery instructions), and the authorised person to receive the delivery.
  4. The courier will contact the customer to arrange delivery at a time convenient for the customer on any weekday between the hours of 8am and 5pm. No deliveries will be made during weekends or public holidays.
  5. When the courier contacts the customer to arrange delivery, the customer must notify the courier of the level that the property is on, e.g.: Ground Floor, Level 1, etc.
  6. The furniture item/s will only be delivered to the ground floor. It is the customer’s responsibility to place the item into their space. the courier will not carry items to any floor above the ground level. SUGAR APPLE and the couriers will not be held responsible for any losses or damage incurred during delivery that may result due to non-compliance by the customer.
  7. All furniture delivered from the DC will be sealed in its original packaging.
  8. The person receiving the item/s will be required to sign the proof of receipt/delivery to indicate that each item has been received undamaged and sealed in its original packaging.
  9. Should the item be damaged or the packaging not be in place, this must be indicated on the delivery document and the courier representative and the person receiving the item must both sign the delivery document to this effect. If the item is damaged it will be returned to SUGAR APPLE by the courier.
  10. SUGAR APPLE cannot be held liable under its guarantee policy for any damages that are apparent at the time of acceptance of delivery that were not indicated on the delivery document by the customer.
  11. SUGAR APPLE is not liable for any damages caused by the courier’s delivery vehicle to the customer’s residence.